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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by drycleaner41, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. I was wondering what people think about Open E Cry? I saw it got excellent reviews here, but after playing with their platform a bit it seems aimed at pretty active traders. I typically place 2-4 trades per day and just wanted to know if they would be a good match for me. I like the platform a lot and their fees are my only concern.

    Anyone who thinks that I'd be better off somewhere else, please say where.

  2. Rcote


    Look at: ATC Brokers and Cannon Trading.
  3. OpenECry is great. No problems thus far.

    They have no software fees or data fees. Always someone available if you need to get a rep. I'd recommend them.
  4. rickf


    Here, here. OEC is great.

    Reliable, solid, and accurate trading for futures -- a far cry (pardon the pun) from where I used to trade futures at. Highly recommend them!
  5. I too will suggest that you stick with OEC. It will be hard for you to beat free charts AND data with competitive commissions, even with just a few trades per day.
  6. for beginners, its fine.
    but for exp'd pros, try velocityfutures.
    no one can match the speed n reliability of x-trader pro.
  7. x trader pro for $1250/mth or ninja zen fire for $50? hmmm
  8. Thanks for the input...went with OEC and have had no real problems thus far.
  9. I'd be careful of using any broker with the word "cry" in their name.