Open e cry: What the hell is that?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TraDaToR, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. TraDaToR


    I was watching their fees to create a possible account and I see that at the bottom of the page :

    "Accounts held outside the US will incur a $0.35 Foreign Service Fee per contract."

    Is it a joke? I know that foreign people had problem to create an account at OEC, but this is ridiculous... I am sure a lot of guys created accounts without being aware of it.

    You lost a prospective customer, OEC.
  2. I love their overnight per contract position fee too. I have other issues with OEC so I don't use them very much these days...
  3. tod b

    tod b

    yeah, a stupid $0.10 per each contract to hold your positions overnight! just like tradestation does. i don't understnd why they they nickel and dime people to death like that.
  4. $0.20 per contract for tradestation.
  5. TraDaToR


    I'm still pissed at that shit... Seriously, what is the problem with foreign accounts?... Next step: accounts outside Ohio will be charged 0.20 oevrnight even with 100% cash... What is the problem with Tomsic? You have to be a real low life to charge foreign accounts... OEC was supposed to be quite a good broker.
  6. Rumour goes that they plan to charge double of that for arabs :0((
  7. jimmyrey


    They were quite a good broker about 18 months ago - since then there reliability and quality of service has steadily gone downhill (IMHO).

    I had'nt noticed there o/n charge for foreign clients because I no longer trade through them.