OPEN E CRY v. Global Futures Exchange

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rcmcfe, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. rcmcfe


    I'm trying to decide which firm to use for trading emini s&p and emini crude. I've narrowed by choices to these two brokers.

    Any thoughts? Also, does anyone know how much it costs to open an account with either? I can't find it on their sites.

  2. In my experience they are both, good reputable firms.

    Global is more a nuts & bolts brokerage, whereas open e cry has their own customized platform, in-house software designers and indepdent in their operations.

    See who will give you best commissions, as they both have pretty much the same performance bond (it's a competitive industry).

    Flip a coin, and good trading ... if you develop a problem which cannot be adequately resolved to your satisfaction in either one, you always have the option of going with Plan B, but IMHO they are both good and cater to the needs of the retail trader.

    Take it slow and good trading.

    Best Regards,

    Jimmy Jam
  3. plax


    Open E cry is $5000 min, there are some other relevant comments about open ecry at traderblox. com and also on here using the search function.
  4. rcmcfe


    thanks guys....I've since found the info about both (except the platform fee for GStrader).

    Take care.