Open E Cry: Shading in between indicators

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hawk24, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Is it possible to shade in between indicators in open e cry like in ninja trader?
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  2. Well I would suggest you ask ecry themselves but I have found that they do not choose to offer customer support on their own software when it comes down to indicator coding / indicator questions.

    They have consistently blown me off for pretty much every indicator q I have asked and every custom coding bug I have reported.

    I also notice their software update schedule has slowed down a whole lot since a few years ago, it seems to be going on a quarterly or biannual rate now. I wish they would improve things more rapidly and Reply to tech related emails more often, but hey what can you do.


    For the premade indicators the "channels" category offers a setting to shade inbetween,it is called "range", you basically right click on the indicator and change the drawing properties from "line" to "range". However, if you were to code your own channel, I have not found a way to apply the "range" coloring - for custom indicators for some reason all the other drawing types are available but that.

    Anyone else notice the striking similarities between Ninja and OEC's gui, they seem to share certain icons and certain wordings/layout of of menus etc. Is it possible they are coded by some of the same people?
  3. its possible, though i have no idea how to do it. They use the same coding language as NT, so maybe you could get some ideas off the NT message board and try to translate it over.
  4. I asked the exact same question and was not given much help. They have this already designed in the Bollinger Band script, but when asked to see the script I was told it was 'proprietary'...

  5. lol, i once asked them what their ip was because i wanted to do a ping to make sure my connection was good and they told me they weren't allowed to give it out, seems like they must use the "top secret" (aka we're lazy or don't care about you) diversion a lot.

    p.s. to get any IP that your running programs are speaking to all you need to do is open the cmd prompt and type/enter: netstat -b