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  1. Cannot connect to Server since morning. Talked to them they are aware of problem but they do not know where the problem is and how can fix it. :confused: Can you imagine how professional are they? They said I can put the order on phone but I do not think being as scalper, it is good idea to call every other minute for trade. In the meantime when they put the order may be the market is not there anymore.

    Is it time to change the borker I think. If problem persists than I have no other choice like some people did with Transact.
  2. Looking for feedback on OEC...
    Haven't used them for almost a year. Called today and found out Justin is gone. :(

    Demo seems to operate smoothly. How bout live?

    Seems futures options are available now too. Anyone trading futures options?

    All relevant feedback welcome,

  3. I am a bit surprised, I thought they were one of the better brokers? You might try ProActive Futures, no I don't work for them I am a customer, they are pretty good and IB for Ninja Zen Fire ( I use ) and Transact. I was going to get a demo on Transact but they don't have a static dome, shit :(
  4. looking forward to getting nymex pit functionality in IB

    i set up xpresstrade, made a few good trades, but seeing my limits show up in access and fill reporting were inconsistent and sometimes non-existant without a call

    i was considering trying ecry

    globalfutures sounded like a good operation on the phone, though they only carry the US exchanges afaik
  5. ids


  6. Global has access to TT so they actually carry foreign as well, although if you were going to go that route you might want to pay a little more per RT and go Velocity, depends on your volume.

  7. Numerous brokers have had a rash of feed/platform problems over the last 6 months (some worse than others :D ) - so don't leave a broker you may like over one problem. Give OEC a chance to verify to you what the problem actually was.

    Does the OEC platform have dual feed capability at this time?
  8. I could have been a firewall problem, I had that recently with Ninja Zen and Zone Alarm. Turned out if was my fault not theirs, even though it took them too long to diagnose (2hours).
  9. ids - thanks vm for the link. any sense of when IB might bring the comex online? access to copper with IB's standards would be a great opportunity

    dandxq - thanks vm for the tip, i didn't realize global had the lme, tocom, etc. will look into that
  10. A big thanks to all the IB and Global DICKHEADS! LEARN TO READ!!

    I resurrected this thread from 4/4/06 looking for current info on OEC! If I want to do biz with IB or Global, I'll call you... Until then, lose my number. schmucks!

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