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  1. Is there anyone who has used or is using OpenQuant (OQ) to run an ATS via Open E Cry (OEC)?

    If so please share your experiences.

    Thank you.
  2. Anyone??!!
  3. I have openecry, but I do not know what is openquant and what ATS you are talking about. I am sorry.
  4. OpenQuant ( is an ATS (automated Trading Strategy) platform used for strategy development, back testng n dreal-time/live auto-trading.

    Openquant has a direct interface to the Open E Cry (OEC) API so orders generated from a system in OpenQuant can be automatically sent to the OEC trade execution platform.
  5. Is openecry good? Thanks

  6. Icarus5


    It appears that no one (or not very many traders on this board) have experience with this particular combination.

    They both are good quality reputable firms, so you'll have to do the groundwork and put the pieces together yourself.

    Just make sure to take it step-by-step, paper trade your new ATS throughly, and never leave it unattended (at least during RTH).

    Things can happen, and Open E Cry has gone on the frtiz now and then.

    saxon's story

    Good luck,

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    Here's some more great information:

    Comparison of Automated Trading Systems

    More info than I can list here, you might want to consider sending a couple of those guys PMs as well.

    Good trading,


  8. Many thanks Icarus
  9. good combo
  10. bluelou


    I just purchased OQ last week and I'm in the process of moving over my ATS from TradeStation. I'd be interested in comparing notes with you. I'll get back with you in a few weeks after I'm up the curve a little further.

    I'm leaning toward OpenTick for data since I need access to historical tick data. I'd appreciate any comments on your experience with data providers for OQ thus far.

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