Open e cry: Good improvements in the latest release

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Lorenzo, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Lorenzo


    I am testing their new release

    First of all...finally they have resolved the lag between price on DOM and chart! :D

    Besides... they have improved the DOM with other nice features
    ...see below

    Other drawing tools have been added, but need to be improved like fibonacci tools.
    They aren't customizable and the numeric values are not showed (.. and please add extensions).

    Well done.... but charts are still not "in the standard"

    1°)add the possibility to scroll up and down the Price Axis with the mouse.
    2°)same thing for the Time Axis (not the scroll bar). I mean that by clicking with the mouse on time axis you should be able to zoom/unzoom the prices
    3°) Pivot Points: add S3-S4 /R3-R4 and PP
    4°) add previous OHLC and current OHLC
    5°) CANDLESTICKS: Properties > Styles > Series
    You should enable the width for each candlestick component not the same width for all components

    Only a few but very important imo.....

    Tick bars and volume bars don't have historical data ...WHY??
  2. 2006


    It would be nice if IB (Interactive Brokers) had a similiar DOM !!
  3. OEC's latest release is a good one indeed. You have to remember that the initial plan with charting was just to provide a basic package. As demand has grown however, they have constantly upgraded the charting and plan to continue to do so.

    OEC has an interesting model where the DOM & charting are FREE to customers. Normally when you hear free, you would think junk or shy away from it, but their software is very nice in my opinion. In the past, I've paid upwards of $500/mo for a DOM and OEC's DOM is just as nice, if not better!