open e cry commissions - how much do you pay

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shahdad, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. shahdad


    ive opened a demo account with open e cry and ive gotten an email that says what the commissions are. i should note when opening the account they ask how much you currently pay for commission, right now i pay 70 both ways

    the qoutes they have given me seem a little high and i think are based on the fact that i pay 70 right now

    anyone that has an account with them, can you please tell me how much you pay for electronic and pit?

  2. Generally speaking, you should be able to get $4.00 all-in (or less) RT for eMinis, slightly more for currency & ag electronics, and $10 all-in (or less) RT for pit.

    In my experience, OEC may be a bit higher for pits, but insignificant for my style of trading pit traded commodities.

  3. Skog


    I opened an account with them (my first live account) about a year ago with 5k and got $5.80 for Electronic and $15.04 for Pit.

    I'm sure there are cheaper brokers around, but I found their trading platform so good that I stuck with them until I decided to return to papertrading for a while :D

    When I do open a new account, OEC will be one of the brokers I'll consider doing business with.

  4. AgaHill


    Is that 70$ or .70?
  5. shahdad


    $70, thats with a local firm, not online

    ya i know thats a lot
  6. whhhhaaaaaaaat????????

  7. AgaHill


    You know you can negotiate your commissions based on the amount of activity on the account
  8. mogul


    do they take you out for dinners once in a while with that deal?
  9. elram1


    With 70.00 a RT you need to go electronic. You can get that down by about 60-65 dollars.
  10. shahdad


    ya 70 is a lot, its broker assisted but you barley use their advice anyways, thats why i decided to switch to an online platform

    so ive got a quote from oec, i renegotiated and its 5 electronic, 4.8 for mini and 14 for pit

    for now i think thats reasonable

    once i start making trades at a higher level then i will renegotiate with them again
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