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    I did some search on the forum and seen several related question, I would still need some assistance from fellow traders.

    I am familiar with both NYSE and NASDAQ open auction process. I am an algorithm developer and I wanted to trade by using the auction matched price and the imbalance volume information as published by the exchanges.

    How can you get the open auction imblance vol prices and the current matched price?

    My first thing was to approach my broker, currently IB.
    2:30 hours with the support, moving between reps back and forward, they were all not aware of this entire process. At last I managed to get to some person that was somewhat more aware of it, he actually refereed me to the NYSE open auction link - but its seems like he didn't have any clue as well. As he wasn't aware that they actually publish information on this procedure.

    How can it be? Is this such a rare thing to participate in the open/close auctions? I am a non US resident and in my local market it is very common and there wouldn't be a broker not publish open/close auction prices.

    Would appreciate if you can clarify this gap for me.
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