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  1. I'm using Metatrader, and trying to figure out when the various markets open and close relative to my time (EST). is this chart correct?

    Alpari Metarader Times are +6 hours ahead of NYC

    NYC = Metatrader
    6pm = 00am =
    7pm = 1am = Tokyo Open
    8pm = 2am =
    9pm = 3am =
    10pm = 4am =
    11pm = 5am =
    12pm = 6am =
    1am = 7am =
    2am = 8am =
    3am = 9am = London Open
    4am = 10am = Tokyo Close
    5am = 11am =
    6am = 12am =
    7am = 1pm =
    8am = 2pm = NYC Open
    9am = 3pm =
    10am = 4pm =
    11am = 5pm =
    12am = 6pm = London Close
    1pm = 7pm =
    2pm = 8pm =
    3pm = 9pm =
    4pm = 10pm =
    5pm = 11pm = NYC Close
  2. Yes, this is correct, most of the time.

    Two comments. First, you'll want to keep in mind (especially if you ever do any backtesting!) that Alpari servers are synchronized with CET, year round. As it happens, Europe adjusts for DST (daylight saving time) later in the spring and earlier in the fall than the US. Therefore, there will be periods, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, twice each year, when CET - EST = 5 hours, rather than 6. Ditto for your local NYC time vs. your MT4 time. See this site, for example and click on London and New York for details:

    Note that GMT is never adjusted for DST. Unlike CET, BST (British Standard Time), EST and so on.

    You might also want to install something handy like Qlock.

    Second, European currency trading gets underway (in Frankfurt, etc.) a full 1-2 hours before London, 7-8 am CET = 1-2 am EST.
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    you should look at fixing times. you will see moves just prior to these