OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT AND Get up to $10,000 Cash Back!

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    Open a new account and Lightspeed will rebate 50% of your equities and options commissions for the first three months up to $10,000 cash back.

    For details on this offer, please email me at with your name and phone number and I will provide detail. We can also discuss our software choices to fit your trading. We offer both Reg-T and Portfolio Margin Accounts to both domestic and foreign based traders and entities. We are not registered in Canada. Foreign accounts require Enhanced Due Diligence. If you go to our website and request a demo, please choose Elite Trader as how you heard of us.

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  2. mbondy


    Any chance this will ever change?
  3. Robert Morse

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    Not likely. Wedbush Securities is not registered in Canada either. If they were to do that in the future, it would then open up us to offer services too.

  4. Robert Morse

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    To try a demo of Lightspeed Trader, Sterling Trader Pro or Realtick, go to this link and please say that you heard about us from Elite Trader. Or, email me directly.

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    Just as an update, Lightspeed Trader has been configured for those that want the API with MD to the display disabled . You can feed your server your own market data from another source and route equity orders now using the API without the concern of non-display fees from our relationship. Contact me directly for more information.
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