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  1. This is a rather wide question but I am attempting to get some honest feed back on it,

    at what point (maybe volume wise?) would a small steady group move from trading their own money, to wanting to recruite and train others?

    are prop firms willing to provide software and clearing and sub account structure, with what as expectation in return?

    I would like to in the future open up a public office, but the infustructure i would need to make it worth wilde to a prop firm or to be taken serious is more what i am asking- Is there anyone out there willing to worth with me thru the growing pains ( or possibly lack thereoff) IF anyone has sucessfully opened up their own branch of a prop firm please pm me or contact me so i can follow up with some more questions. I understand the need to keep the door open, and this part i can anticipate, but other then that- I know what i would like to accomplish end result, but i dont know what i dont know to get there. any honest respectable feed back is much apperciated. thank you in advance

  2. We offer our traders ahat amounts to a "free franchise" opportunity. They can pay all local expenses (rent, computers etc.), and work out a compensation package for their "value added" - backing traders, training, etc. Our most successful is probably the two guys in a garage in BC who now hae over 100 under their wing(s) - in two locations.

  3. Anyone who has to advertise as much as Don Bright probably can't be trusted imho. This guy's got over 10000 post all of them where he's trying to sell people on joining his firm. I'd check out hold brothers, Schonfeld Group, Chimera Securities, G2 trading, and Echotrade you could also try checking some of the sponsors below as well. I wouldn't recommend Bright due to the fact it seams like most of his trading business is devoted way to much to marketing than to what it's supposed to be trading! Don Bright = used car salesman.
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    You have no idea what you are talking about. Not only is Bright a highly respected quality firm, Don is a huge ambassador for day traders and the day trading industry.


  5. Then he should let the firm speak for itself.
  6. Stop being retarded. The guy has a business to run and grow.
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    Any beverage company who has to advertise as much as Coca Cola cant be trusted imho. That companys got over 100000000 ads in various forms of media, all trying to sell people on their beverage. Id check out Pepsi, Snapple, and your water tap. I wouldnt recommend Coca Cola due to the fact that is seems like most of their business is devoted way too much to obtaining more business than to what its supposed to be, making beverages. Coca Cola = used car salesman.
  8. Yeah dumb*** you prove my point exactly. They advertise so much because pepsi, and Coca Cola are soooooo good for you. You should tell that to the millions of Americans that are overweight and have diabetes from drinking that sh**.

    SPD = Stupid rebuttal
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  10. Come on guys (thanks for the support as well).... we spend little money "advertising" - I originally came on ET to defend some lies being spread by "competing" firms - and by doing so actually helped our Firm grow by quite a bit. We have always let our Firm speak for itself, I just happen to be the spokesperson, LOL.

    We get more interest from things I get paid for, like columns in TASC etc. than from any "paid" advertising. Baron and I go way back, and I chose to help out by sponsoring this forum. I enjoy teaching and sharing, and our firm has some of the best traders on the planet. We are one of the last interactive trading firms where we communicate with our people every day, hold Retreats, Intensive workshops etc. - to keep our traders at the top of their game. And, if I happen to persuade some of the newer people our way in lieu of some of the other firms that don't train (or worse)...then I feel fine about it. I've been online since 1979 (the "Source" group in with inet connections) and have always enjoyed online communities - a "smile" usually takes care of any negatism, and the thanks comes in many ways. I help when I can.

    I choose to use "awareness" vs. advertising - and our marketing (as little as it is) is done via "attraction" IMO. Our industry is a very small world, and getting smaller daily as we all see. No "cars" no "sodas" LOL. We've been doing this since 1978, and will be for some time to come.

    In any event, let's keep open and civil communication...not turn this into the P and R thread, LOL.

    All the best,

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