Opec wants compensation if climate deal cuts oil use

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Sam Mcgee, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Tell them to get in line of US creditors. Looooooog line.
  2. CET


    Now they sound like a utility; they want to be compensated for "their estimate" of what would have been used. Sorry fellas, no avoided costs for you!!!!! :eek:
  3. kaciara


    did horse owners get compensation when we invented cars??
  4. 9999


    Yeah, right.
    Next ones in line will be booze & cigarettes manufacturers. Then what? Pushers and drug dealers?
  5. Technology moves on and sooner or later new energy tech will be productized, rendering petroleum obsolete. Oil producing countries have allowed themselves to become fat and complacent with all the easy money rolling in. Easy money seems like a good thing, but it's actually corrosive to creativity and innovation.

    These marching morons will get their comeuppance one day.
  6. Yes, everyone is planning to compensate others when supply and demand realities hit.

    And since the Chinese car market is surpassing the US and emits more CO2, I wonder how much OPEC expects China to cough up if they grow and then cut back.
  7. ba1


    No to both OPEC and the frauds of ecofascism.