OPEC Interested in Non-Dollar Currency

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  1. already answered on Jim rogers thread. p
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    You guys all act as if it is interest rates that is at the dollars demise. I ask, why wasn't anyone complaining about the dollar back after 9/11 when US IRs were at 1.25%? Can it be that it is not IRs that are the primary demise of the dollar, but in fact that it is global inflationary pressures that is driving the value of the dollar down? Why aren't EU lowering IRs? Why isn't Japan raising IRs?

    What is funny to me is, these people that are complaining about the dollar are the very ones that should be looking to China, Brazil, and every other country that is gulping down commodities like there is no tomorrow. I hope these people sell the dollar and buy euros, I really do. When they get whipsawed and crushed they'll come home crying to momma.

    What a bunch of morons.

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  3. real assets
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  4. Like? In terms of someone like OPEC, they can't exactly go buy up bullion without rocking the boat so hard that a warship starts shooting Tomahawk missles.
    The closest thing to real assets the OPEC nations ever bought was military goods. The rest was cheap worthless commercial crap, like all that absurd clothing from Paris fashion shows.
    These geniuses already have USA gunning to take their oil, now they are making it even worse.

    And you answered exactly as I thought you would. Think harder.
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  5. Yup, I knew someone here understands what is really going on.
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  6. The Euro.

    why? It's got pretty colours :D

    If you're gonna be left with a bunch of worthless papers, at least make em nice papers!!
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  7. Where will we get money for all of these wars? printing press? ious? In the words of GWB, we are acting like 16 year olds who just got brand new credit cards. war financed by who exactly? If it is legal for nations to rob nations why is it illegal for civilians to rob civilians? I think that would be nice. If anyone disagrees with whatever you say, anything, you can just call them a holocaust denier, a terrorist, bitchslap them and strongarm them for everything they own. What is the definition of rogue? You people are asking for the rise of Napoleon. I wouldnt be surprised if he is back to take his throne. I can see Simon Bolivar right now on his donkey. Dont say you didnt want this.
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