OPEC cuts 500k barrels per day

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  1. I see this article about OPEC getting scared that oil is going under 100 bucks a barrel so they cut production to 28.8 million barrels per day....I'm sure the good ol' USA wouldnt mind picking up the slack and putting an extra 50 million bucks a day in our pockets while the gettin's still good. I personally believe oil will be back at 60 in the next 12 months. Maybe lower. This oil bubble has been popped and OPEC thinks they can stop the leak. Uh-uh...aint gonna happen OPEC
  2. this was last weeks news:

    "Iran's official news agency has quoted Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari as urging OPEC to curtail oil overproduction when it meets in Vienna next week."


    it seems their request went through, this is iran on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons while US is trying to stop iran by sanctioning it, and europe is taking it in the ass from iran only because of iranian bribes, european countries will be one of the most sorry countries once iran obtains the atomic bomb, once that happens iran won't be the last country with nuclear weapons, neighboring countries will start a path to obtaining it, then OPEC won't be the same, it will be nuclear OPEC

    too bad the world didn't seriously want to stop a pathetic country like iran, only because of the profit they made from doing business with iran, unfortunately this is going to go up their ass with great pain

    the best way to stop iran forever is to nuke their country clean, killing every entity within it's borders, this will both be a lesson to all countries worldwide, and will also let us replace that country with a breed of humans instead of sick ugly monkeys
  3. Nuking them wont work. We nuked Japan once and 50 years later they got pretty powerful. Good thing Japan doesnt have muslims.

    What we really need to do is convert all the islamists to christianity so we can all do business without fear of blowing each other up.

    Iran isnt the problem. Islam is the problem.
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    The OPEC have became very greedy ignoring the struggling suffering automobile and airline industry. This silly act will strengthen the auto maker decision to go with hydrogen, hybrid or fully electric in a hurry.
  5. you are right iran isn't the problem, iranians are, their monkey genes are

    you can convert them to christianity but you can't convert their useless genes into anything better, so it's best if we just wipe them off the face of this earth

    we never nuked all of japan, plus imagine what they would be today if we had not nuked them