Opcions Exorcised Tomorow - Warning!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, May 19, 2011.

  1. expectin big move, probly down

    SPY 134.40

    ****Shortie's Public Service Announcement***
  2. 30 min and it already dropped to 133.94 !!!

    and it is not even Friday yet :cool:

  3. Agreed. SPY's six month Bollinger width is tight as a young virgin.

    ATR isn't quite as tight, that was Feb 18th, but the measure uses range rather than close and it is narrow.

    Needs to break above $136.84. Not likely.

    VIX is inconsequential.

    NASDAQ's A/D flpped two days ago.

    Summer's coming.

    Probably won't commence until after calls are assigned.
  4. backed up to 134.70

    The WARNING is still in place!

    I Repeat!

    The WARNING is still in place!
  5. i don't know what it is. something just does not feel right. i have this tightness in my stomach. could be just the cheesecake i ate yesterday.

    i was gonna write a bunch of SLV straddles into tomorrow Expr but decided against it.
  6. SPY -1%, VIX +10% so far. let's wait and see if we will get 5-10% drop in SPY later on today.