OPBL.ob ($7.50)& NYMEX announce Partnership:

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  1. see NEW article:

    Stockpickr: Uncovering Micro-Cap Gems

    By James Altucher
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    2/23/2007 8:24 AM EST

    Buying micro-caps is like a lot like playing with fire: It's easy to get burned.

    I believe that there are a lot of public companies out there that shouldn't be public. In fact, they shouldn't even be in business at all. It's ugly out there in the micro-cap world; there are so many scams, criminals, hoaxes and other shenanigans that I wouldn't be surprised to see a good number of micro-cap CEOs end up in jail before the party is over.
    So a word of warning: Before you wade into this world, do your homework about the company. And be nimble, because many of these issues trade very thinly, so you might find yourself caught in a stock, unable to get out as it plummets.

    That said, if you find the deep-value opportunities in this space -- companies that have real assets and are growing their businesses -- the returns can be enormous. Many specialists in the micro-cap world have posted their portfolios and analysis on Stockpickr, including the OTC Speculator. This portfolio monitors the stock holdings of the OTC Speculator newsletter, run by Thomas Kelly. The OTC Speculator seeks out attractively valued stocks traded on the OTC Bulletin Board and pink sheets -- again, these can be dangerous stocks for those trading them.

    Optionable (OPBL - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) is one of Kelly's favorite stocks. It is a $400 million market cap company that specializes in helping brokerage firms, trading firms, hedge funds and other institutions trade energy derivatives, energy futures and so on. Here's what the OTC Speculator has to say about Optionable, taken from the portfolio on Stockpickr:

    The Nymex has agreed to take a 19% stake in the company. It is growing at 100%-plus year over year, with good earnings visibility because it reports trading volumes every month. The valuation might look high, but [the company] will grow into this valuation rather quickly once the next two quarters are announced. Fundamentals look very good, and there is a good chance that the company will either become listed on a bigger exchange or be bought out by the Nymex at some point in 2007.

  2. I love it.

    Like i mentioned on another thread. I stood by and watch OPBL go from 2 all the way to 5 will i finally took a postion. What an idiot i know!
    Been holding since and loving every minute of it.SHould see 10 soon if its not bought out.
  3. Its almost impossible not to make money trading this everyday! Up 11% again today!!!!!!
  4. http://www.allencaron.com/clients/backgrounders/opbl.pdf

    They are doing a roadshow-presentation Monday Tue and Wed in NY trying to attract more instintutional investors.This is a big signal that a move to a big exchanges is coming soon.
    Should be moving again this week because of this so if you not it you may wanna take a look at it as atleast a swing for the week along i am long in this.

    Here is some copy and pasted info from another board...

    - Optionable (OPBL) is a leading provider of energy derivatives trading and brokerage services to large financial institutions.
    - Main advantage is OPEX realtime electronic trading platform, besides voice brokerage and open outcry trading on NYMEX floor, and OPEX analytics RealMarks.
    - OPBL's business is profitable and growing fast, it's hiring more people, and recently moved to new HQ.

    Derivatives trading market overall is worth several $100 Trillions, and energy derivatives market is growing rapidly.

    - OPEX is the first Realtime Electronic Trading platform to be certified with NYMEX ClearPort. It provides Complete Price Transparency, Anonymity, Customized Expiration Dates, Customized Strike Prices, Credit Screening, Virtual Back Office, and Seamless System Integration.
    - Besides various kinds of energy derivatives, OPEX can be used for futures and options trading of commodities, equities, currencies, etc.
    - There are no major competators to OPEX, and OPBL has several patents on its technology.

    - As a major endorsement of OPBL and OPEX, NYMEX purchased 19% of OPBL from its management in early 2006, with warrants to buy upto 40% total. This includes joint technology development and marketing partnership for next 10 years.
    - NYMEX itself has additional ownership in Dubai and Montreal Exchanges, which could benefit OPBL's expansion.

    - OPBL is signing up more customers due to the OPEX advantage and NYMEX alliance.
    - Its derivatives trading volume is growing rapidly (was 1.78M for Dec06). Higher trading volume results in higher Revenues, and more electronic trading through OPEX results in higher profit margin (and EPS).
    - OPBL could possibly move from OTCBB to NASDAQ/AMEX/etc giving more visibility to analysts and fund managers.

    Revenues--$2.23M----$2.47M---$4.52M---$6.83M---$16.07 M

  5. Its nice to see discussion on this stock in here, especially since the Yahoo board consists of almost all cheerleaders that think this thing is going to $20 with zero risk. I've been long since the NMX news. If all goes to plan though this thing is almost a guaranteed $12+ in short order.
  6. From news releases, you can see that they're moving to a bigger space and hiring more people. I would expect this expansion would lead to greater revenue in the floor brokering and open outrcry areas of their business. Everyone knows though, that the main catalyst going forward will be the OPEX platform.

    One good indicator we can get of OPEX growth (until the next quarterly comes out) is the number of options that Kevin Cassidy gets granted.

    "1. Issued pursuant to an Employment Agreement, dated as of October 30, 2005, which requires the Issuer to issue to Employee 5,000 options each time a firm registers with and executes its first 10,000 lots on Issuer's OPEX platform."

    This was taken from a Form 4 filed on 2/13/07 where he was granted 10,000. I'm not sure what the expectations are, but its definately a good thing to see these form 4's coming out. OPEX gaining traction is what will really propel this stock into the double-digits.
  7. LMAO yeah they are all paranoid over there. You cant have any dissusion that is even the slights bit negitive.
    The whole thing between you and the other couple guys there had me laughing.
  8. Set another 52 week high and still running up over 14% today. I hope some of you got in this morning.
  9. http://www.antandsons.com/2007/02/nymex-takeover-of-optionable-still-in.html

    February 26, 2007
    NYMEX Takeover of Optionable Still in the Cards
    Previously, we have written on Optionable Inc. (OTC: OPBL), a leading provider of natural gas and other energy derivatives brokerage services, and looked at the company's growing earnings, and NYMEX Holdings Inc. (NYSE: NMX) purchase of a 19% stake in the company. Given Optionable's expansion and growth in the derivatives business, it is certainly not out of the question that NYMEX would increase their stake in the company, or even launch an outright bid to take over the company before its shares become too expensive. Such a move would be the catalyst for further upside in Optionable shares that have already had a terrific run over the past six months.

    It seems like we are not the only ones on the Street looking forward to a NYMEX takeover of Optionable. Thomas Kelly, who runs the OTC Speculator, seeks to find attractively valued stocks that are traded on the OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheets market. Kelly mentioned Optionable as one of his favorite names, citing the NYMEX agreement to take a 19% stake in the company. He also likes Optionable because "it is growing at 100%-plus year over year, with good earnings visibility because it reports trading volumes every month. The valuation might look high, but [the company] will grow into this valuation rather quickly once the next two quarters are announced." What's also important is that he echoes our earlier comments when saying that there is "a good chance that the company will either become listed on a bigger exchange or be bought out by the Nymex at some point in 2007." Shares of Optionable are hitting a new 52-week high, currently up by $.82, or 10.28%, to $8.80 on heavy volume.
  10. :p Darkonc_angel is outa his mind lol. I'm long with over half my portfolio in this stock, why he thinks I'm a basher is beyond me. I was just backing up my freind "walls" who heard from people at GS and Merril Lynch some of the negative speculation surrounding the stock. I personally think thats a long-shot and we're going much higher. I just added a little to my position on the drop to 8.50. If we close at 9 that'd be very bullish. Hopefully the enthusiasm from the investor roadshows this week can get us there.
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