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  1. Bsulli


  2. Women...
    If she was rippin his set off that shows you how much she was needed em.
    I don't really 'get' that about some b!tches-

    She obliviously didn't want any part of "em"- and in her mind -he must do totally without because of her lifeless libido? Why do women marry men anyway?

    Takes bipolar madness no doubt to enable this degree of assault.
  3. timbo


    I'm thinking how long does it take for a guy to wake up when his boys are being attacked -- it's knuckle sandwich time for the bitch.
  4. g222


    I mean ... that put a curl to my toes and a tear in my eye !!!

    As soon as that morphene wears off, I'd be looking for someone to kiss it and make it all better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!