Oops! Sorry little guy, Obama screws you again.

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  1. Of course, everything is wrong with that but that is the MO of the homeless. In the end we work with what we have, no one asked me.:D anyone ask you?
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  2. They can simply limit their practice to those who have private insurance. Or even require cash payment at the time service is rendered. No physician is "forced to provide care" for anyone.

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  3. Right, that's great except for the fact that this would effectively drive price through the roof, higher than it is now. So the people with public care would get the horse shit socialized standard, and the people who wanted to pay exorbitant prices would get better, faster care. Ironically it would cause the very thing it's supposed to prevent. Congratulations!

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  4. So the self-proclaimed tea-partier is now worried about the equality of outcomes? I thought you guys thought that only liberals did that.

    BTW: everyday day of the week in every city in this country there are many many physicians who limit their practice to those with the ability to pay their fees. It's a fact of life and it will never change whether Obamacare is implemented or not.

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  5. I thought you did. A basic level of health care can be provide for MUCH lower cost than for the indigent always going to the ER... Not under Obamacare, of course.
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  6. I never said that. You just made it up... I'm not worried about the equality of outcomes, I'm worried about the equality of opportunities. Big difference. You are a victim of left wing brainwashing regarding the tea party.

    Just because I point out the fact that the left wing's plan causes what it's supposed to prevent doesn't necessarily mean I do or do not care about it. Then again, that line of thought is probably too complex for you to understand... Yes, I am a humanitarian, that's why I believe in Capitalism. Laissez Faire capitalism creates more wealth, alleviates the most suffering, and raises the standard of living for a greater % of the population than any other system. Capitalism is the most humane way to go, time and time again. Real world examples include china vs hong kong, n korea vs south korea. Even now, microfinance is doing more to help the 3rd world and it's standard of living and development than decades of programs and trillions of dollars of aid money. Just one more example of how capitalism is the best for everyone. Research and development happen exponentially quicker under capitalism, there again increasing the quality of life for all...

    Yes, many physicians DO limit their practice, but a far higher % of them WILL START limiting their practice under Obamacare which will manifest itself in the way I described above. Then left wingers will call them "greedy", "corrupt", and "unpatriotic".

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  7. Out of curiousity, if this is true why do the Scandinavian countries have a higher measured standard of living than the US?
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  8. Medical expenses in this country are not going up due to physicians charging full fee for service. There are many reasons why they are going up but the above is not one of them.

    Further, I know many physicians who do limit their practice to those who can pay and many more who will if Obamacare gets implemented. I fully support that, you should too. I want the best and the brightest and the most competent treating me and my family regardless of what it cost. That's free enterprise at its finest. Also, the Dr's that I know aren't acutely engaged in political debate and they don't much care what left wingers may or may not call them.

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  9. jem


    All those studies weigh factors very subjectively.

    some found that 40% of swedish people were below US poverty line while others say Sweden has a higher standard of living.
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  10. Because their standard of living formulas use things like "equality of income". They also base their measurements on PRE TAX income per person (hence negating the effect of excessively high taxation in the formula) and generally do not take into account local average prices. They also don't take into account average sq footage of homes, prices of "luxury" items, cost of essentials such as food and energy, etc nearly all of which are much lower in America.

    Europe beats out the USA on personal freedoms and liberties hands down, but not on actual standard of living... (Yes I've lived abroad and traveled a good bit).

    That being said, Scandinavia is still an awesome place.

    Out of curiosity, why is there a far lower measured AND actual standard of living in Cuba, Venezuela etc?

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