Oops! Sorry little guy, Obama screws you again.

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  1. If you carefully read the figures quoted in the Smart Money article and do the math, you'll see that even with pass-thru's to personal filers, the defacto Corporate tax rate is still about a third of profits. And that doesn't include the myriad of local taxes including property, sales and utilities. Not to mention that any dividends payed to investors on net earnings are <i>also taxed.</i> Plus, in much of the world, the government is paying for employee health care.

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  2. 30% would be a very high rate and a lousy accountant.

    When I ran my business in Canada I paid 19% one year. Any middle income earner paid more than I did.
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  3. Yes, you paid 19 pct because your corporation didn't make shit, and because canada's corporate tax rate is lower.

    The usa has a higher corporate tax rate than anywhere else in the developed world except for MAYBE Japan.

    Only this dumbass would bring up corporate tax rates in Canada to make a point about corporate tax rates in the USA. LOL!!!

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  4. Mnphats



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  5. Stay in the dark if you want to.
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  6. If I could remember where I read it, I'd post a link, but one company is offering it's employees a cash (1k) buyout if they get health insurance from somewhere else other than the company.
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