OOPS!!! .....Biden slips bigtime and tells the real truth!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AMT4SWA, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Even up? That's a big edge for PBR to give up. I bet I'll be able to get 12-1 Nik.....
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  2. I rarely own stocks. I was put on this Earth to short futures and Treasuries.

    And if you think education spending in America has been "cut" you're delusional or mis-informed. We spend more per student than any nation on Earth. We'd better make Market Economics a required study....

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    This is actually not a very important point, just kind of nit picking..but more owners of SUVs and pickups are Democrats than Republicans if you don't include farmers and construction workers.
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  4. achilles28


    haah. Scary, but true.

    Clinton had his OKC Bombing (and Kosovo).

    Interesting to note with OKC, mainstream media reported the morning of - relayed from FBI and Police - that 2 additional bombs, larger than the first!, were found INSIDE the Murrah Building undetonated and subsequently removed by ATF.

    Now how could McVeigh, "The Lone Nut", dolly in 40-odd barrels of nefarious looking chemical into the Federal Building without arousing so much as a fart from security??

    Well, I suppose the answer to that is better left to the so-called "Revisionist Historians".

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    Who needs a Draft when you've got a Million Man Stazi Force to Police the Homeland??!?

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  6. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.......I do not at all fear any middle eastern groups.......NONE!

    It is completely absurd to think middle eastern terrorists have at ANY TIME posed a credible threat to the U.S.

    My idea for a new book..........


    "The Weapon Which Took Down A Trillion Dollar Defense"

    :D :D :D
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  7. Yep, you're probably right. I'm thinking hard about offering it to you.
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  8. achilles28


    Well said.

    Most secular Jews aware of the Fed/Rothschilds Banking Scam laud it. Ask TraderNik, about that one.

    Whether they actually revere the raping and enslavement of entire Civilizations, or its mass Wagon Circling derived from a rich heritage of prosecution, I don't know.

    That said, the entire scam is supported and perpetuated by many White Bread "Christians" and men of "High Moral Character", irregardless of religion. A handful of Jewish Banking Families happen to be at the top, however.
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  9. FOX news run by Roger Ailes...right wing terriorist far more damaging to the US than the current college prof ex left wing terriorist:eek:

    trying hard to get to 10
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  10. VIDEO UPDATE: Albright Claims Biden Right, 'Statement Of Fact' Obama Will Be Tested... VIDEO: Dem Chairman: 'There should be tax increases'... NOT AGAIN! VIDEO: Murtha Says Western Pa. 'Really Redneck'...

    Just another day in Barryville.........lol
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