OOPS!!! .....Biden slips bigtime and tells the real truth!

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  1. Love ya bro! :D
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  2. That's the main reason I don't care what happens to Israel anymore. Why care about Israel when the Jews vote for Socialists??

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  3. Bush, by inflaming the situation in the middle east has had the effect opposite side effect. A more powerful Hezbollah, a resurgent Iran thanks in part to high Oil prices. (<<<------ caused in part by lazy ASS "conservative" SUV drivers) are a bigger threat than what they were a few years ago.

    Israel just finished having primary elections for the ruling party (Kadima). and they chose the dovish foreign minister Tipzi Livni (a woman) over Shaul Mofaz (a hawkish general.) She'll be the next prime minister.
    Israelis know better than you, my friend.
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  4. American secular Jews are the amoral, socialist thieves who've run America politically and socially into the ground. I realize in some quarters that means "smart" as if Dick Fuld is a genius because he's rich....

    Religious Jews are a different story. I don't consider a non practicing Jew to be anything at all other than scum....
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  5. The whole concept of a "stock market" is a 100 % Jewish invention. So maybe you should step back from your trading station and go sing with the local Mormon choir their latest hit "I can see Russia from my house".

    I'm just saying, Conservatism still has a future. But you guys have shot yourselves in the foot. Maybe Maybe Bobby Jindal, Gov of Lousiana. He's the only guy less than 80 year old who strikes me as being able to articulate a conservative vision for the country without making a moron out of himself

    Budgets cuts in public education have finally caught up with America.

    For the last 3 ays I've been shouting the same thing. Your (warranted) negative views of Black America are so intense, so irrational ,so manic. They push(ed) you to vote against your own interests just for the illusion of voting someone who'll hit them hard.

    On Nov 5, it's going to be a landslide, a thumping.
    GW Bush has destroyed the Republican brand, it'll take forever to rebuild the party.
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  6. Ure such a Republican whore, you can't see straight. Bush and his cronies fucked up, period. From Iraq to Afghanistan, from the record budget surplus to the biggest budget deficit, they mis-regulated everything.

    And you fundamentally Republican retards, who must see and read everything as they are, misinterpret what Biden is saying. He ain't stating that Obama is gonna get ambushed (like Bush on 9/11) but rather IMPLYING that Obama will be ready to fend off any possible attacks, come what may. What a friggin' retards!
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  7. Hey Pabst, I noticed you didn't respond to my challenge in the thread where you said Palin would be Prez in 2012. You've said that quite a few times, I noticed, so you must be pretty confident. Care to make a small wager on that? How about something small like a couple grand?
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  8. The P has also said that Barry will institute the draft....among the many other things he's said.

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  9. Wrong again. The Dems took huge money from the hedgies, and it's going to come out. They knew who to go to in Ct. and NY.

    and now, new yorkers, cough up. Paterson said this morning he has a 10,000,000,000 dollar deficit coming next year. Why did they happen? Who got paid? Who got stuck? And who runs NY and Ct.? Democrats. Thank you.

    BTW. If Republicans had those States they probably would have been paid off to. But that didn't happen. Dems happened. Put the hat on and wear it proudly. 'Stooge".
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  10. Just wait Doc. Where do YOU see the young adult underclass working 2 years from now?
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