OOPS!!! .....Biden slips bigtime and tells the real truth!

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  1. achilles28


    Its all cumulative.

    Each administration builds on the last.

    Always more tax, less Freedom and Bigger Government.

    Only the justifications change (War on Terror, War on Poverty, Economic Crisis, Terrorizm, Global Warming, Water Crisis etc).

    The Direction NEVER Changes = Consolidation of Power, Money and Control.
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  2. He is a known heavy drinker. He may have been drunk when he said it.
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  3. bxptone



    Your arguing with paranoid delusional people. You don't here these people, Muslims will kill you, black people will kill you.

    Meanwhile the only ones doing any real killing has been the U.S. lol. The mental illness in this country is a big problem.
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  4. sg20


    Comment from a blogger regarding Biden's comment.

    "I'm assuming he is referring to Obama's agreement not to stop Ahmadinejad and possibly Gaddafi from bombing Israel..."

    "God help us all, particularly the Jewish Americans and the citizens of Israel, if Obamma is elected." Lance of CT
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  5. Never understood why Jews voted democratic since is the republican who wish to protect them.

    Maybe Jews vote for big government because the more free shit they can get the government to hand out the less they have to pay their employees. Plus Democrats are easier to bribe since they don't give a shit anyway as long as they get paid.
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  6. And yet Jewish people support barry 2:1. I just don't get it. I really don't get it.

    Don't people understand after what just happened, and almost happened, that the ultimate CAN happen. And with Barry, the odds go up. It really is that simple.
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  7. I don't see that any terrorists or such would be a real threat to the United States. The true threat is the over reaction to any terrorism. Bush has proven this by taking the United States to the edge of bankruptcy. Will his successor take the country right over the edge?
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  8. Cause JEWS are the embodiment of smart.
    Republicans are the party of small town farmers.

    Jews are lawyers, engineers, financiers, physicians. Academics, they believe in science.
    Bin Laden scares them as much as people who claim that people walked with dinosaurs and earth is 6000 year old

    Why Do you think it's a coincidence Krugman, the 2008 Nobel prize in economics, Lawrence Summers and Bob Rubin ,all Jewish, are supporting Obama ?

    Jews, rightfully so, view the right wing of the GOP as dangerous uninformed violent lunatics.
    They remember McCarthy, Oppenheimer, Quotas. They know about the "Rapture", the "Jews for Jesus" movement. They're not stupid.

    Just watch how Israelis, for whom the evangelical religious right in the US professes unbounded love, at best view the "relationship" as uncomfortable.
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  9. Dems fucked the country because they were more interested in getting bribes from fannie mae then limiting the country's exposure to their frauds.

    History shows Bush tried 3 times to get rules and regulation of the gse's passed but Barney Franks and the other dems stopped the legislation to go through.
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  10. If you care about Israel you should recognize that Bush has been the strongest protecter of Israel on any President.

    If you don't care then I guess the idea that the more government cheese you can give out the less you have to pay your employees.
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