Ooops two crooked dems in one day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jficquette, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Senator's husband's firm cashes in on crisis
    Feinstein sought $25 billion for agency that awarded contract to spouse
    By Chuck Neubauer (Contact) | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    "On the day the new Congress convened this year, Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to route $25 billion in taxpayer money to a government agency that had just awarded her husband's real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms. "

    $25 Billion for the Fiensteinsta. Good job. Piss on nickles and dimes.
  2. Lucrum


    She'll probably just claim she was unaware of the conflict of interest.

    Now if it was a republican there would have to be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate for a couple of years.
  3. Not quite the new era of ethics and transparency the left promised is it??

    The amount of theft going on by murtha, pelosi and the democrats is simply amazing.
  4. It's not a national story yet. The pinnacle of fair journalism, the huffington post, oddly enough hasn't picked up either story yet.

    They do have a picture of barry with no shirt on prominently displayed.

    Truly f'ing sad.
  5. Arnie


    They need to catch up. :D

    Really, is there any difference? The party in power gets to pass out the goodies. Republicans really lost any real "moral authority" on this. They had the chance, but just like any addict, they couldn't stop.