Ooops - Obama Is Going To Have To Threaten Gallup Again

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 18, 2012.

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  2. Another drama queen thread
  3. jem


    drama queen?

    obama threatened gallup and he threatened the Sup Ct.
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    And Scalia is still angry about it. Roberts, on the other hand, acquiesced and fell into line behind Obama.
  5. Threads/day by the same focused on one theme: against obama, pro-romney, pro-zionism.
  6. jem


    I am more supportive of Israel and their right to exist than I am of leaders which take in oil money and screw their people or terrorists.... but I am not pro zionist. nor am I anti muslim. I like U.S. Muslims because I would say they have been keeping their extremists mostly in check... which is probably not easy.

    I am however, against any church or temple or mosque or group which preaches violence and or threatens my country.

    If many Isreali's started chanting death to the U.S. I would be anti Isreal. Luckily Isreal seems to be pro Romney right now.

    and yes... I am anti an Obama 2nd term because of how his policies effect our economy, and because he is letting the FED debase of our currency.
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    So many bad decisions and crimes to cover and so little time.
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    Obama has 47%. I guess Romney's facts and figures are correct.