Ooops I did it again

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  1. Arggg, angry angry angry with myself. I did it again, lost pips because I was influenced by other people's opinions.

    Sometimes gems can be found on public forums. But no matter how reputable others are, it's my own judgement that matters. I did well, even when I was against the opinion of the person I respect, but I was subtly drawn into other people's mindset. I trapped myself again. The scary part is, I didn't realize it.

    Booked my biggest lost ytd, thankfully my P&L is still in + territory. A cheap price to pay for a painful reminder.

    Just ranting....
  2. It can't have been me, I rarely express my market bias or take notice of anyone else's for that very reason (well that and not wanting to look dumb if my analysis crashes and burns :) ), it can have me second guessing some perfectly good analysis of my own.

    So come one, who was it :D
  3. LOL it wasn't in this forum, its the other one famous for FX :D

    No its not Jacko :D

    Some pretty good stuff there, but I got too involved in the mumbo jumbo and tadaah....I tripped LOL. Their performance has been terrible for the past 2 weeks and I just sat there quietly and reap my pips, but this faithful day I fell into the dark side.

    Feeling kind of silly after so many years of trading. Like most cult threads, the follower's consistency is questionable.

    Anyway to each their own. I read somewhere you hit a rough patch or something ? and you are taking a break ?

  4. Yep, a much needed break, I was making some really dumbass mistakes and missing some great opportunities, I guess it's a combination of boredom and complacency.

    I hear you about trading forums, mind you sometimes there's some good analysis and ideas....just not very often :)
  5. Indeed, such public forums made up a large part of what I have today. The filtration process can be tedious though.

    Enjoy your break cable, you are probably just experiencing a "retracement".


  6. FX has been pretty tough recently

    Enjoy your break!
  7. lo, that's it, I'm in retracement mode :D

    Thanks guys, have a good couple of weeks, leave some pips for me!
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  10. madisonave, pipspimp and fxterrapin should all fcuk off.

    don't get dragged into playing their game of starting a scrap between the two forums. It makes all traders look like a bunch of girls and makes the forums look amateurish
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