Ooops!! FAILED!

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  1. Wow that worked out well. Like I said in the past. Bankers will engorge themselves with taxpayer money and refuse to lend or buy commercial paper.


    Shorted on the sucker spike :)
  2. Congress f'd around with wall street. It's our way or the highway attitude. Do you think Congress gives a shit? I don't. It'll take months to build an oversight committee.

    The childrens wooden arrow tax constituency got what they wanted.
  3. kxvid


    700 billion isn't even good for a one day rally. I honestly though it would be.
  4. Next week will be the giant drop... starting sunday night.
  5. C'mon, guys - we can't leave Paulson's buds hangin'.

  6. This is a good call, seeing as how the SP500 closed on it's low today and just barely broke 1100.
  7. Oh, how that forced, redemption selling has just begun.

    Scary thought. Babies being tossed with bath water and all of that...
  8. Margin call cascade :)

    I saw some crazy volume and block trades going on, and sell imbalances as well.
  9. axehawk


    Can't believe we dropped 500 points the last 3 hours.
  10. timbo


    Things are bad when tax payers become lenders of last resort. Maybe the current account will show a net inflow and problems will go away. I dunno.
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