Ooops! Everyone re-do your costs for Global "Warming"

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  1. Climategate: Last week we discovered that Global Warming doesn't exist. The earth has been getting cooler but scientists decided to hide the real data and keep us suckers in the dark so we could be taxed to the hilt.

    Here's the latest: it turns out the costs to fix the non existent problem is double what was expected. Now all you stock analysis out there, get your spreadsheets running because your corporation may not make a profit from 2010 - 2012 on.

    So Al Gore has gored himself on $1bn personal profit by saving us from nothing and 2010 is going to see increased tax burdens carried by a fragile market.

    In the meantime, let's go for laying the foundation for global governance in Copenhagen and next act... let's save the market with a transaction tax so we can bail out excessive risk taking by big banks.

    Did I waken up in Alice in Wonderland?
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    I always found the actual 'science' behind Global Warming made me skeptical, Climate Change maybe, but Global Warming? They claim by us putting Carbon Dioxide in the air it will heat up the planet and cause ice caps to melt, but there is Carbon Dioxide in the air already! So does that mean we are just simply speeding up the process?

    I can understand wanting to get rid of the more obvious pollution problems when it comes to oil and gas etc. like smog clouds as that became a real problem in London. Come on though, there really is a limit to how much bullshit you can spin.
  3. Let me put it simply. The earth has a heat budget. It receives heat from the sun and most is radiated back into space. Some remains trapped in the oceans, the land surface and the atmosphere. There is (or was) a kind of equilibrium.

    The amount of heat radiated back into space depends upon the composition of the atmosphere. In particular, CO2 absorbs long wavelength inhibiting the radiation of heat back into space. Increase the amount CO2 and other GHGs in the atmosphere and the balance is upset and more heat is retained in the atmosphere heating the surface and more slowly the oceans.

    This is basic physics that has been known for more than a century
  4. Great theory but... Why is the planet cooling then? And why hide the cooling data to pretend the earth is warming? This "science" is now shown to be expensive quackery.
  5. when are the arrest warrants issued for the criminals.... I smell RICO FORFEITURE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. There is no evidence to show cooling. There are short term variations in the longer term trend.

    "The ten warmest years all occur within the 12-year period 1997-2008"
  7. There is an MIT scientist who said it best. (Paraphrasing) "We can't tell what the weather will be like in two weeks and yet, now, the "climate scientists" can tell us what it will be like in 20 years???"

  8. Yeah, that was the data they gave while hiding the cooling data...

    Wall Street Journal item is blacked out on my PC.
  9. And everyone discounts the fact that the earth may be going through a NATURAL warming cycle.

    And the response is to to tax it?

    I guess the peace prize is being handed out for innovation - innovation in legal thievery.
  10. Oops. I guess they overlooked that one. Why don't you write to the IPCC or NASA or any of the multiplicity of national science bodies that have stated that warming is human induced and point that out to them.

    I'm sure your expertise would be welcomed.
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