Ooooops TradeStation!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Surdo, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Surdo


    Did anybody notice their trade server went down from 2:15PM - 2:19PM earlier?

    Great timing, I have one thing to say, FUCK YOU TradeStation from the heart!

  2. fseitun


    Yep, I experienced a major freeze...the biggest freeze ever.

    I've been having lots of problems since December.

    My computer is the same, internet connection is the same, i even minimized a few workspaces...:(

    I am going to start to look around...what are the options out there?
  3. TS froze 2x today for me. I had to restart both times. Sucks. What was weird was the charting was still going but T&S was frozen and the Matrix was all messed up. It said I was not logged in, all kinds of strange behavior. What a piece of junk.
  4. fseitun


    That's funny cause the opposite occured for me:

    T&S and Matrix running fine while the charts were all frozen...:(
  5. Surdo


    Watch the delay between MATRIX and T&S/Trade Server, it's close to a full second. Ever wonder why your orders DO NOT get executed? I am not doing more than 10RT/month with them again.....10 NOT 11!

    SHAME ON YOU TradeStation.
  6. le140


    Everything is OK here.
  7. anyone tell us if IB frooze also? ..........if it has any charts.........etrade was locked up even before the announcement
  8. AC3


    Going into the Fed I had a Long EDM08 ... 2:15 complete freeze until about 2:17 ...... Didn't surprise me honestly but was a bit disappointed with the level of service.... as a side note I have also had a series of jerk ups with the equipment since Dec..... I trade from the West Coast and am not always able to monitor the open for Bonds and a few times I have found the quotes down/ system restarted "Look Inside the Bar" disabled .... thats just a pain in the ass. I would go for Smart Quant if I had the time or patience to program my strategies in C .....Honestly if I did know C I would have been gone from TS .... the lack of Eurex execution and Universal Account is baffling.
  9. 1. Study online.

    2. Go to a community or junior college.

    3. Get a book and teach yourself

    ... and btw, it's C#, not C.

    There's no excuse for sticking with a program that continues to give you guys sub-par performance in mission ciritical situations, that's just laziness, and it's going to cost you a lot more in the long run than learning how to code in C# on OpenQuant.

    Believe me, I feel your pain, annoying shit like this just gets inside you, but you're gonna have to take the bull by the horns on this one.

    Sincere good luck.
  10. fseitun


    I heard the new version 8.3 has been giving a lot of users many problems.

    I tried to get back to 8.2 and all my saved desktops, indicators, etc aren't working.

    i would have to rebuild everything from scratch, which is about 50 different charts...:(

    I gave up.
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