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  1. I hear that liberals are now using this as their chant. You have to admit it kind of has a nice Buddhist feel to it. I also believe this is why so many were hypnotized by the Obama new age movement. I can just see it now. Hundreds, maybe thousands of pot smoking liberal hippies all over the US stoned out of their heads chanting, OooooBooooMaaaa until the sun comes up.
  2. I'm ready at anytime to compare my life achievements with yours (education,languages spoken, family, career, money,cardiovascular fitness, looks,travel.)
  3. 151


    I'll play
  4. And here we are, throwing sand at each other in the sand box.
  5. This demonization of democratic voters as marijuana smoking latte driniking libs and welfare abusing nigs has to stop. They make less than 20 % of the democratic electorate
  6. In the meantime, the GOP has brilliantly become a peripheral party of the deep south, whites... a time when the nation is growing much more rapidly in every other area and aspect.

    Bad strategy, GOP.
  7. LOL.
  8. Suicidal, their support is White, Old, male & Rural. Good luck with that
  9. Liberal= tree hugging, welfare wanting, under achiever with no ambition and thinks they are entitled to a check every month or latte sipping "elite" with no idea how capitalism works.

    Conservative: no tooth redneck who's main answer to economic woes is "a country boy can survive" and who would like to nuke them A-rabs in Iraq who bombed us on sep.11th

    Take your pick, I will sidestep the party labels thank you.