Onyx Equity Traders?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with this group?
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    Yes, I have traded with them for almost a year now and I'm very satisfied with what we do. I trade 7 or 8 times a month and made good money between 7% and 12% a month for 7 out of the last 8 months and no real losses yet. I like the fact that I can trade from my office and because its a low frequency trade system I can still keep my job so long as I monitor the market. You can't beat the training for such a low price and they came to my state to put on the training and then put me in a team that meets weekly (its mandatory) I don't what else to say except its working.
  3. What kind of spreads do they teach and what are the risks?
  4. The spreads that you have the opportunity to learn from Onyx is diverse from simple Put/Call spreads to more advance Diagonals and butterfly's. In most cases and through my experience most traders hone in on one or two strategies that may work for them along with key strategies that you will learn from the firm and begin to trade successfully. The only other time that this is altered is if the market demands that it be altered.
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    Onyx is simply wonderful.

    Their strategies are purely low risk and low maintenance. They are run by a super experienced and knowledgeable trader named Tokyo Joe. He is very conservative and doesn't care about his own Profit and Loss, just that his traders make money. This is a wonderful business model for you to be a part of.

    Please contact Onyx at 800-altruism.
  6. Do they let you trade other strategies other than spreads?