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    Anyone heard of these guys? I noticed they have an ad for a proprietary equity options position and I assumed they were opening an office in Tampa because it stated, "Training and orientation coming to the Tampa area." Which is great, I would love to trade at an office in Tampa. But when I did a google search, I noticed they have ads all over Florida stating the same thing.

    I think they are just recruiting for training which is $500 dollars and setting you up with an account that requires a capital contribution. I would be fine with that as long as there was actually an office to trade out of.

    Just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this firm other than whats on there website obviously.

  2. And how does one know the $500 training has any value?

    because an anonymous ET poster said "hey they are great?"
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    I never said that the firm was great. I said that trading in Tampa from an office would be great. I never stated anything good or bad about the firm because frankly I don't know anything about them. I was wondering if anyone else did and if they were a reputable firm?
  4. you did not understand the second sentence. It was not referring to you, it was asking how YOU can trust an anonymous vote of support for them
  5. does anyone have a "spam" blocker for elitetrader?
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    Onyx Equity Traders is an Options Specialist Firm their strategy only requires you to trade 6 or 8 times per month but yields 8 to 15 percent per month on a consistent basis so they set up trading teams in various cities and meet online for staff meeting and continuous training. Opening up an office for Prop to traders to trade once or twice a week didn't work because traders didn't have or want to sit in an office for a week just to trade a couple of times a week. New traders apparently like the idea of being able to trade options remotely but still get leverage, I think they are the only firm set up like this.
  7. Good Morning Elite Traders. I to concur with BlackBox9. I currently trade for Onyx and the firm was a God send for me. I think I was out of the Market for about a year starting with the Crash of 2008. I was in periodically but not as I was prior. Onyx got me back into the game. I'm talking about more consistency but even better than that confidence. When you learn to trade with confidence, thats when you know that you've crossed to the other side. If anyone has struggled with confidence, if anyone is looking for mentor ship, if anyone is looking to be a trader then that's the place to be. You can't beat the price or the value. For $500 to be trained and continuous training, its a win win situation. Its the best trade you can put on, Its the best investment that one could invest in. If you need to be connected with the right people connect with me and I'll make sure that they get you not only where you want to be but where you need to be fast.
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    I think it is a scam. The supposedly HR uses a yahoo email account and appears to be too enthusiastic. Do not waste your money on the three day training.

  9. HaHaHa. LOL!
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    Has anyone noticed that the traders that indicate they trade or worked for the Onyx Equity Traders Firm Love it and the skeptics that never traded an options with them or went through the training think otherwise. Training at the firm is ongoing not just three days in the beginning and is their anyone willing to sit in an office 8 hours a day five days a week to trade just 8 times a month I don't think so. Their pioneering remote proprietary options trading with leverage guys.:)
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