Ontario man who picked up Kansas girl, 12, pleads guilty

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  1. What's wrong with the girl that she went along with him? I find it hard to believe that her parents never warned her about predators. Perhaps she was really in love with that man. That's pretty sick.

    Kenneth McGill

    Ontario man who picked up Kansas girl, 12, pleads guilty
    02/06/2013 04:22 PM The Associated Press
    An Ontario man who was found last year in Michigan with a 12-year-old Kansas girl he met on the Internet has admitted his intent was to have sex with the girl.

    Twenty-one-year-old Stewart Kenneth Cody McGill, of Bewdley, Ont., pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

    Under the plea deal, the parties are asking the judge to impose an eight-year prison sentence.

    Authorities say McGill travelled in May 2012 to El Dorado to meet the girl.

    They were found a few days later near Potterville, Mich.

    The girl told authorities at the time she went with McGill willingly.

    Prosecutors say McGill told police he met the girl playing “World of Warcraft” online and loved her. Sentencing is April 24.

    McGill told a Michigan State Police detective he was in love with the girl, whom he met online playing World of Warcraft. He communicated with her online via the video game and through cell phone, court records show.

    McGill also admitted to sending an explicit photo of himself to the girl via his cell phone. The girl sent McGill an explicit photo of herself through her cell phone, Heffron writes.

    Investigators are seeking evidence contained in a 2003 Chevrolet Impala that McGill allegedly stole from his parents in Ontario.

    McGill's parents reported their car, and their son, missing last Wednesday. The next day, the father of the Kansas girl reported that she was missing. The father told El Dorado, Kans., police that he noticed she was missing that morning.

    The girl's father told police that he checked her cellular telephone records and then set up a tracking feature on his daughter's phone.

    Police determined that McGill had earlier stayed in the Heritage Inn Motel in El Dorado, Kan., and had called her cell phone the morning she left.

    Later in the day, the father showed police the screen on his cell phone which showed his daughter's phone to be in Missouri, east of Hannibal and north of Monroe City, court records show.

    On Friday, the girl's father told police he tracked her telephone to a rural area in Michigan. An Amber Alert was issued.

    That afternoon, a couple spotted the suspect's vehicle on the shoulder of Ash Road, a dirt road near M-50 in Eaton County. They had heard about the Amber Alert, and noted that the car and license plate was the same as that broadcast on the radio, court records show.

    The couple saw a male and female in the car, and stayed in the area until Michigan State Police arrived.

    McGill told police he was taking the girl to Niagara Falls, New York, "where he was going to have (her) walk across the footbridge and he would drive over and meet her on the other side," Heffron writes.

    McGill admitted he touched the girl sexually, but stopped when she told him she was uncomfortable, court records show.

    The girl told police she willingly left with McGill.

    Heffron concludes his search warrant application, writing that McGill violated Kansas law prohibiting sexual exploitation of children. McGill also broke the law by possessing the explicit photo of the girl, Heffron writes.