ontario (canada) economy compared to california

Discussion in 'Economics' started by staffpro, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. vicirek


    When the California weather is coming to Ontario ?
  2. maxpi


    That's the thing, I'm on the Central Coast of California... I don't care if the entire state becomes a ghost town or goes bk or whatever.. If I had to live in Ontario and have the public sector union bastards squeezing the life out of me I'd leave that s&*t without a moment's thought.
  3. i live in ontario and all you hear every day is autoworkers this autowrkers that, teachers this teachers that... and its always negative news
  4. vicirek


    There is Cali - Ontario connection - 2 expensive bikes purchased by defunct Ornge (air transport for sick, injured) using tax money were still in California (shutting some promo movie). One or two were in the lobby of Ornge in Ontario. At least Ontario guys know how to party and play hard using tax money.