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  1. On2 Technologies.

    Worth a look here. Nice little 100% breakout followed by a correction here. Correction is taking the form of an obvious wedge which should result in a nice breakout soon.

    Take a look at their recent quarterly report. Looks promising.
  2. Hey, I'm actually right for once. Up 10% today. Might be a breakout from the consolidating wedge. Take note. I made some good $$ on this today.
  3. Any predictions on where this stock is going ? Its one of the leading video compression software companies on the market right now.

    I see this stock at $7 at the end of the year. Maybe even sooner.

    If this rumor that they're getting a contract from Motorola is true, this thing might be gapping up pretty hardcore.
  4. gaping up AM, we'll see if it can hold gains come 9:30
  5. Bought 3000 more shares at 2.9299. Right at high of the day. Good job
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    Hmm, I may get grab some shares tomorrow. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  7. My thoughts are I'm gonna sell some shares and pay off some credit cards after getting in at 2.39. Other than that, I see this company at $4 per share very soon. $6 by end of the year is modest. Look at the technicals, and u'll agree.
  8. Wow, incredible run as of late. I missed the boat on this one. Congrats for getting in the low 2's. Might actually cross 3 tomorrow. If I were you, let her run and dump it on any day of weakness.
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    nice action on this stock today, hope you didn't sell at opening.
  10. Absolutely. Still holding strong. I see 3.35 today.
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