ONT, I hate it, but it looks good!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. qll


    ONT is up for 2 days with more than 10%

    P/S P/B are too high. This stock had a loooooot of hopes in 2003, 2004 and never realized any. It seems, their technology is sound, but nobody pays for their products.

    I don't short, but I think you guys could find good entry points soon.
  2. I've sold in my wife's IRA but give me time guys!
    Hold Off shorting I'm still in!!!!!

    How can you hate this stock? anything compression video related for computers is aces in my book!

    $2.40 now support? $2.70 b/0 Target $3.50 by June? Something like that I'm still kicking the tires. ~ stoney
  3. qll


    this is a piece of shit stock very popular in 2003 2004. no matter what good deals they sign, they could not generate any profit. in their deals, the revenues are small too. it is just sexy, nothing more.

    i have not been following this stock for 3 years. not sure what changed. could be hot money, could be sea change.

    not interested in this stock now. i mainly trade in penny, small cap, and earnings.
  4. weekly volume might have been 50 % or more of the float

    on a doji ...

    without any "news" this week the odds favor

    consolidation between $2.00 and $2.40

    perhaps I am wrong and there will be continued

    extreme volatility with prices all over the place

    between $1.80 and $2.80

    or perhaps we go north of $2.80 or south of $1.80 in the next few weeks into earnings and my early sunday morning analysis
    is totally wrong ?

  5. Seth you are dead on. I got shaken out because I'm a big pu*&y I think think you make money here. My wife made a quick killing! It's just me who got he boot in the ass. Go Stoney!