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  1. ronblack


    After I terminate XP home I get the message:

    "End program - OnScreenDisplay..."

    Each time I terminate this program manually in order to get the computer to turn off. By the way, this process is not in the running tasks list.


  2. nkhoi


    on-screen display

    An on-screen display (OSD) is a control panel on a computer monitor or television screen that allows you to select viewing options and/or adjust components of the display, such as brightness, contrast, and horizontal and vertical positioning.
    On a computer monitor, an on-screen display is usually activated by buttons on the bottom of the monitor. As an example, one button may bring up a display of the brightness and contrast levels, which may be adjusted by pressing the monitor's up or down arrow buttons.

    your terminal just inform you that it's the end :p
  3. ronblack


    Thanks nkhoi but the problem is I get this error message displayed on my laptop screen on shutdown and I just can't figure out the reason for it and a way to terminate it permanently

  4. i am trying2 find a volume display like i use2 have but tok i toff of here:(so i can use my wireless keyboard 4 volume and see the volume and all on the screen like a tv so if any1 can help or tel lme where 2 find the link :)thanks
  5. gnome


    It's your first post, so we'll cut you a little slack this time... but the style of your post is very annoying. Are you trying to communicate or just be a dumb-ass? This board is not about "high school text messaging".
  6. sorry damn all i was trying2 do was get help i aint no little kid thought some1 would be able2 help me with finding this softwear i am trying2 locate ;(about on screendisplay and by using my keyboard thanks.