ONP (possible scam)

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  2. ONP price chart

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    I wanted the same thing. I bought some ONP today at 4.3 but didn't sell at the close, so I'm scrambling for info.

    I can't even find Muddy Waters' web site, just the singer.

    There's some guy name "Dr. Eric Johnson" of Ironfire who touts the co. I googled his name and "shill" and "fraud" and didn't see anything. I just watched a video interview of him at seekingalpha. Nothing remarkable. He answered a bunch of questions from others at seekingalpha and seemed OK, except the final question about valuation in the blog went unanswered--a small red flag, but a red flag nontheless.

    ONP had been on my radar screen since I read about them on the Motley Fool. I don't know if it was Eric Johnson or someone else, but the Motley report cited someone traveling to China for an info gathering trip and praising ONP.

    The only thing about Muddy Waters I know is from ONP press releases. They sound like opportunist short shills themselves; but what concerns me, is that ONP original denials were ignored by the market. My assumption is that those with some real info began running the numbers and didn't have confidence.

    ONP seems like a real co. with solid operation, but valuation is a question mark. Forward growth may have been hyped simply because it is in China.
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  5. y'ever notice, they always bought within pennies of the low.

    if only 10% of it wasn't bullshit they'd all be millionaires. Alas,only 1% is true.
  6. lemme guess.

    pseudo research operation actually a front for frontrunning short sales on chinese companies that everyone knows are crooked anyway.

    have i nailed it?

    soon, everyone will be a penny stock tout or an expose tout.
  7. i amaze myself, i really do, just read the link m22au gave , verifying my analysis 100%.
  8. Now explain how it is that a day AFTER ONP issued a rebuttle is the day the stock really shit itself.
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  10. For a small chinese paper maker, thestreet.com has been touting this for months.
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