Only watch if you can handle it

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  1. I don't remember where I saw it (maybe ebaum?) but have you seen that one where the tiger jumps to the top of an elephant and takes down a guy riding up there?

  2. This is called, "natural selection".

    I saw this before, and was pissed they shot the lion. The guy goes into the cage, the lion tries to eat him. This makes perfect sense to me. It certainly made sense to the lion. The only thing that didn't make sense, was the guy in the cage.

    The lion is trying to cleanse the gene pool. Let him do his duty.

    Hey. Speaking of duty. I wonder, if the lion got to eat the guy, and was taking a dump the next day, and the guys family was there watching..... the guy was obvioiusly a loser. I can hear the family now.......

    "See, Daddy you were wrong. You always said Bobby wouldn't amount to shit."
  3. Did that officer miss his first shot? The lion didn't even flinch.

    Imagine a lion or bear running at you full speed. You'd wish you had bought the .454 casull, instead of the .380 auto at the local pawn shop.
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    imagine the best thing to do is not move at thought trading was nerve wrecking... :D