Only Trade When Sure

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by healthynfit, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. The index futures are irratic. I find it best to wait and not trade until you see exactly what they're doing and you are sure of the direction. It's worth wating. . . rather than taking stupid losses.
  2. I agree...

    Like Will Rogers...

    I only buy futures when they go up... If they don't go up... I do not buy them... :)
  3. LOL... and just when IS that?
  4. Yes. . . I only buy when the long trem & the mid term are in an UP trend. . . . then I look for a buy entry off of the short term chart . . . using EMA's and oscillators that turn (in the direction of the trned).
  5. bravo!

  6. cold


    :p :D
  7. NOOOOOO.....that only applies to trading up till last October, now it's:
    I only Sell short futures when they go down... If they don't go down... I do not sell them short...
  8. As I said, only in the trend. . .