Only those without debt will survive this longlasting recession?

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  1. Be it individuals or companies?
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    Maybe those without debt AND a decent paying job.
  3. Nah, they will get shot and killed by the masses who's debt and despair has driven them to total disregard for civilized society.

    Everyone is essentially fucked, even the responsible.
  4. Debt is leverage.

    Leverage requires increased money-making (or asset making) probability.
    During such a recession there are very few money making opportunities.
  5. If you owe the bank 1 million, the bank owns you.

    If you owe the bank 25 million, you own the bank.

    In general, I agree with the OP, however. Only the debt free will live to fight another day, for the most part.

    Most everyone else is an indentured servant.
  6. Nonsense.

    Break down the Capital Structure of a random corporation (or household) and it may make more sense to carry a certain amount of debt vs.equity.
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    Obama will wipe everyones credit slate clean and absolve all your debts. Well, that is if you voted for him and donated money to his campaign.

    Obama represents everything this country DOESN'T stand for.
  8. Especially during periods of high inflation.
  9. Too bad this illumination has literally nothing to do with the possibility that the fractional reserve banking system is a ponzi scheme of unimaginable proportions whereby every dollar of debt issued requires further debt-issued money to pay back at an exponential and unattainable rate.

    Unless there is widespread default, rendering the banking system insolvent (sound familliar?) of course.
  10. Is this a question or a statement.
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