Only the voters of Massachusetts can stop the healthcare disaster and saveour country

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  1. The election for Teddy K's seat is in a few weeks. A liberal Democrat vs. a Republican.

    If the Republican wins then the dems lose the 60th vote.

    Massachusetts please do the right thing.

    On a side note I just saw some jackass from CAIR on tv explaining that those exhibiting odd behavior should be singled out, not muslims.

    I guess he never heard of the praying jackasses in Minnesota.
  2. The Republicans had their chance and on pretty much every level they failed. Economically, for example, the economy had the worst catastrophe since the great depression -- even including a run on banks.

    On defense, the Republicans stated that the country was "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here" and yet the attacks continued.

    The debt ballooned and the deficits skyrocketed, and were only "reduced" if one ignored the use of emergency appropriations and other off-the-books budgeting.

    Why should Massachusetts voters vote Republican? What is the sales pitch?
  3. You can rag on Bush all you want... he deserves it.

    Unfortunately Obama is 10 TIMES WORSE as a president.

    Why would Mass voters go Republican? The likely won't. Too bad. The Obamacare/Tyranny bill will be the cornerstone of turning America Full Commie.... a Socialist craphole in the making.
  4. So the big sales pitch would be that people were much better off in the collapse of 2008 than under Obama?

    I don't think that will work given the increase in the stock market and the reduction in war casualties.
  5. But lets not talk unemployment.
  6. Sell the Republicans based on massive unemployment... in Massachusetts?
  7. Mass isn't just a bunch of liberal hippies, it has a very large union base. Hence, if they tax the cadillac plans of the unions the blue collar workers will be tempted to vote republican and save us from this healthcare mess.

    Yes, Bush was a disaster and the republicans blew it but barry and his merry band of idiots are far far worse.

  8. Seems you are blinkered and short-sighted.

    Nothing of interest coming from you... ON IGNORE.
  9. UE people care about the stock market how?
  10. Okay, but how do you sell people on this idea?

    What can be compared from now back to then that will help the MA voter to vote Republican?

    Unemployment is one of the few metrics that hasn't improved since Bush, but then how would that be used to sell in MA?

    It's a tough question and it's a subset of the larger question of "what is the Republican sales message in general?"
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