Only Rich Will Eat Beef in 2050

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  1. You might want to have a hamburger while you can—beef is likely to become as pricey and exclusive as caviar over the next 40 years, predicts a UN agriculture expert. The production costs of raising cows, especially for water, are just too high to accommodate inexorable rises in world population and the hunger for beef, said Henning Steinfeld of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

    By 2050, beef will cease to be a "mass product" and could become "the caviar of the future," he told a conference in Argentina. “The necessary resources for the production of beef will be three, four, five times higher than those of chicken and pork.” As a result, "beef will be what salmon was 50 years ago."

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    Tsing Tao

    who cares. i dont eat it now. let the rich get colon cancer.
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    .. if still alive..
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  8. I stopped reading and started laughing right at the underlined part ...nothing to see here, move along.
  9. I would think that anything by the OP would be enough reason to stop reading further.
  10. We've been lied to ... Infinite Abiotic Oil will save us all ... We can create plastic beef, just like how McDonald's does it! :D

    UN is one of the most worthless organizations on this planet, so what ralph00 said.
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