Only reason the DOW isn't -500

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kxvid, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. kxvid


    Is because of the fed interest rate decision monday. I fail to see the positive in lowering near zero interest rates, but the market usually rallies off cuts.
  2. Might have a little to do with the fact that the Senate Republicans are forcing Bush, Bernanke and Paulson to use a portion of the TARP to bailout the auto manufacturers.
  3. clacy


    It is clear that the Autos will get their money. It is also likely that it will come out of the TARP, therefore it is less total money being spent, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

    Secondly, it looks like this whole bailout could force some major changes (finally) to the Big 3, which are needed for them to even be close to competitive with the foreign Autos.
  4. Fed decision is Tuesday.
  5. Well, that is only because you're too near-sighted to see that the lowering of the Fed Funds rate and and factoring in M1, M2, and M'....ahh, bullsh!t - the PPT will just try to push the markets higher like they did today.....soon, they will die on the vine...and where the market goes after that...I have no idea - happy trading :) Sorry, I just have a gallows sense of humor :D
  6. GM cuts its production for next 2 months.
  7. You should have said : It is clear the autos will get YOUR money.
  8. Keep in mind the INDU is above 7000 for now. I think we could very well see 5000, over time.

    Digest all the information coming to light, across the board. Its coming at us lightning fast, so the reality will set in later down the road.

    We have yet to see a panic on Main Street for a few reasons. Many simple minded folk do not understand the Markets, Bonds, Dollar, etc. They are clueless and as long as they are employed, they keep their head in the sand. That is ending 1 million layoffs at a time.

    Keep in mind the Depression followed a few years after the crash, as I expect that to be the same case this time. I was in the camp of "Long Deep Recession" but after looking in deeper, I say we are in a Depression but it will not smack the world in the face for a few more years. Plenty of time for the Smart People to stack away their chips.

    Germany is in dire straits right now and could be the first Western Country to claim they are in a Depression. The EU is collapsing across all "STATE" lines with GREECE as a vocal point.
    The EU is in a far worse situation than the US and I believe Germany could be the first to break away from the EU.

    The US is going to feel deeper pain as the months go on. Double Digit Unemployment in certain regions. Deflation will continue across the board.

    Cash is king, but each day the cash is worth less and less. Nevertheless, those without a stash of Cash will be in big trouble by end of 2009. ( I Guess gold will count if you can get cash for it.)

    Things just look worse and worse each day. However, it would not suprise me to see the market rally and climb the wall of "Doom" during the next quarter or two. The mother of all Bear Market Rallies could tice buyers to jump in as fools.

    IMHO Nasdaq and INDU are finished. The US will limp along with a lot of major problems for years to come.