Only losers daytrade from their own home?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by crgarcia, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Succesful people don't run a business from their own home.
    They rent or at least share some office space.

    Working from home leads to lazyness.
    (i.e. waking up late, taking a shower late or not at all, working in nondrescript clothes, etc.).
    But more important it leads to interruptions from family members and friends.
    Not to mention the social stigma.

    So, only losers daytrade from home?

    More even, Super-losers daytrade from their home, with a computer in their bedroom?
    More yet, Super-ultra-losers daytrade from their parents' home they live in?
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    Dude, did you forget to take your medicine lately,, your damn happy pills. Remember blue pills on tuesday thursday, red pills monday and wednesday.

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  4. Qwerty


    Ah, and you must be the ultimate authority on this issue, let me guess, you were once a so called loser as you call it and you've upgraded i suppose, right? besides, paying for the privilege of sitting down at your seat at a firm is pathetic, it's obvious that the interest of the firm is apparent and not the interest of an individual trader.
  5. I know a lot of successful people who do all sorts of things; some even work from home. However, I don't know any successful people who are trolls on internet message boards.

  6. tradeworx ceo worked from home for 3 years, he now runs one of the largest hf firms...

    goes to show what u know
  7. loza

    loza Guest

    you are a dick! I've known a person who lived in one of the top addresses in the NATION and he traded the SP 500 from his home (a 12 million dollar home). I've also known a farmer (one of the biggest futures traders) who traded from right out of his A/C'd tractor....stop making these stupid posts
  8. bat1


    you do bring up a few good points..IMO

    you do get lazy and lonely trading at home

    your right! however it's what I choose to do :)

    don't think it makes you a loser however..
  9. Everyone needs to stop (including myself) ever responding to the ops threads. All he does is start a bunch of lame new threads to almost never respond in them just to get arguments and conversations going. For what reason I do not know but we play into it almost every time :p
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    no..not dick..stupid, jealous fuckhead..
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