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  1. OK, glad I don't live there... San Fran banned plastic bags (which I always reuse for lining trash cans). Now they are banning paper bags. The concept is probably to force people to use canvas bags

    But the last time you did a $150 grocery trip, did you have 20 canvas bags to bring along? (See picture below) :D

    San Francisco looks to bag paper, not just plastic

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In a city that has already banned plastic shopping sacks, there is a new target: paper bags.
    San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi on Tuesday introduced legislation intended to encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags so stores can reduce the number of bags provided at checkout.

    The ordinance, if passed, would require retailers to offer a 10-cent rebate to customers who use reusable sacks. If the stores fail to comply, they could face fines from $100 to $500.

    Mirkarimi says the legislation would help save a chunk of the 14 million trees chopped down each year to make paper bags.

    The ordinance would affect some 135 large grocery stores and pharmacies within city limits.

  2. 1) What is the guy on the bicycle hauling?.....plastic bags?
    2) Would California encourage the production of "hemp bags" as an environmentally-conscious substitute? :cool:
  3. I don't have a problem with a ban on both but where's the race card?
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    This picture is what life will be like here in the US after Obama's second term.

    Cap & Trade, Universal Health Care, The Fairness Doctrine, Copenhagen Climate Conference..........

    Washington will be like a vaccum sucking up all of the power and money in this country.
  5. Isn't that Obama's and the Libtard's Grand Plan? Seems much like that already... :mad:
  6. I'm so sick of these people who only think about scarcity. There is so much abundance in life, I don't need a bunch of San Fran fags telling me how to carry my groceries.
  7. They take more offense from having the city referred to as "Frisco". :cool:
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    The worst is yet to come.
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    Pretty soon you'll need a permit to buy toilet paper.
  10. I'm sure they are too. You know of course that San Francisco has a population of about 700K people? Where as the State of California has a population of about 38 million.

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