only in American can a stock worth $9 sell for over 20

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. and with the blessings of the exchange.
  2. Pray tell.
  3. Short it.
  4. Arnie


    Sounds like he already did :D
  5. lescor


    I imagine he's talking about UNIS. To bad it was htb for me or I'd have scooped some free money too.
  6. lescor wins the cupie doll.

    I wonder how Nascrap justifies this bullshit.

    If they let this pass, imagine what lesser obscenities are ignored.
  7. Certainly wouldn't happen in Zimbabwe.

    Anyway, if you're the ultimate arbiter on each stock's worth, the exchanges should be a printing press for you given enough patience...
  8. and covered at 20. :D
  9. do a little due diligence
    #10     Feb 19, 2010