Only Idiots Make Public Stock Calls

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  1. That said ... lol ... here is my first and, I hope for my own sanity, my last.

    Short X
  2. Not a bad pick. Insitutional saturation at 90%+ and scant inside ownerhip.

    Nice round number of 60 bucks. Potent

    Market's had it's run.

    Negative ROE

    Competition from overseas such as Posco and nationally from mini-mills such as Nucor.

    However, IMO opinion should be on a 3 day high.
  3. epetrov


    WHY Only Idiots Make Public Stock Calls ???
    Please explain?:confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. Because public stock calls are almost exclusively top or bottom calls.

    Top and bottom calls are the lowest probability trades.

    Low probability trades are made by idiots.

    Do those dots connect for you?
  5. LeeD


    Being a good market analyst and being a good trader are very different things. So, people capitalize on what they are the best at.

    On the other hand, as Efficiency mentioned, a substantial part of calls may be motivated by frontrunning.
  6. FlipFlopper has it right but I would also add that if you need the recognition that you get from doing things that do not add even one single dime to your bottom line ... well, that's a problem.
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    I agree

  8. what no model, here I am stuck with only my thumb!:D
  9. muller


    What's the difference between stating one's opinion about a stock and making a call?
  10. LeeD


    Perhaps, a call is an opinion that is specific regarding the anticipated price action.

    If you say, a company produces unique equipment that is in high demand and has great profit potential, it is opinion.

    If you say, today the stock price dercreased to 200 and it won't go below 198, it's a call.... Or buy now, target is 250 is a call.
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