Only Idiots Are Buying

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  1. Any bagholders here buying into the Dow being up 1,100 points in a trading day and an hour?

    Gotta love bear market rallies.
  2. kxvid


    If you call the folks at the PPT idiots. On light volume its easy for them to send the market soaring.
  3. pmann


    I agree ...after a good run on Friday and +400 today how can you think now is the time to buy? I just sold everything I bought on Thursday.

    Even if we have bottomed it should pull back Tuesday for a better entry point.

    SDS might be the buy right now for $96
  4. You guys are too funny!

  5. Look at the market go vertical once again at the end of the day.

    Time for some ultrashort action going into tomorrow. :D
  6. Energy, Nat-Gas, Coal, and drilling stocks DO NOT HAVE TO PULL BACK!

    Are there any REAL traders on ET?
  7. Explain the reasoning behind the Dow jumping 1,200 points in 7.5 hours of trading? This is just another bear market bounce.
  8. Only Idiots Are Buying

    Only the Idiots calling other idiots "IDIOTS" :D
  9. Who the hell cares?
    Instead of trying to constantly RATIONALIZE price movement, why not just TRADE it???

    As usual, the guys that DO NOT TRADE for a living and spend their entire day on ET are once again caught like "deer in headlights" . . . sitting with their thumbs up their bum and questioning price movement.

  10. The question is: where is the max # of true idiots?

    The bear's fundamental and technical arguments (when they're even presented) have severely deteriorated. "Just short every rally!" "Dow 3000!"

    The # of idiot shorts is approximating the # of idiot tech stock longs in 1999, house flippers in 2006 and crude oil longs from last July.
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