Only I can pick the top: Short 1049 ES

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  1. Yes, I'm back with another swing trade

    Selling ES at 1049 and stop at 1069

    10 contracts

    Objective: 870

    December Contract.

    Curious on the last time I sold 10???

    931 to 892 was my last 10 contract short (check thread, like 15,000 views).

    Guess what gurus, I don't charge a dime for such good calls. My calls will crush ANY guru who tries to charge for books and other crap they peddle.

    please gurus, come in and try to fade me.

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  3. That's a good entry considering 1049.50 got flipped (near the close).

    Target seems way off IMO. I would layer out at multiple levels between here and 991. Wait for a retest of 1050 which will come and if things look worse then before then load the boat.

    1st downmove/upmove always comes back to retest the pevious high/low.
  4. Also I'd have the stop above today's high 1052. If breached then turned into support (buying @ 1052).

    Then cover for a 3/5 point loss. No point risking 20.
  5. Well, I think you called the short term top with one of your numbers anyway............
  6. Unfortunately, I don't see any other good swing trade shorts, if Dow 9700 breached, until maybe around 10,100 to 10,300.

    I'll still continue to trade 1 - 5 lots during the day, risking say 3 points or so on each trade.

    But since this is ONE of my "critical, technical" levels, I need to give a wide stop.

    And to all those people that think it's impossible to have a futures trading account near 100k and post on ET....honestly, it's not that much money.

    If I had only 10k I would be in chat rooms all day trying to sell product.


    I love gurus.
  7. LOL

    I post, i deserve that.


    you might be right.
  8. My remarks read worse than how I meant them! LoL

    Thanks for having a sense of humor, and good luck with the trade.
  9. Me I went long this morning @ 1038.25 then sold and went short @ 1052.00 on the December contract. How about that>
  10. distinction between trade vs calls:

    trade => real money proven with posted account sheet
    calls => sim trade

    you taught guru pupils here well. always demand proof of trades
    sim-calls need no proof

    which is this again?
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